Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron

Modern women deserve modern hair styling solutions like the GK Hair Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron. The multipurpose styling iron comes with an innovative touch display that makes hair styling seamless and easy, for a smooth and silky output.

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Important Detail

Plug your flat iron into an appropriate power supply and switch it on using the digital display that appears Select the desired temperature using the + and - symbols Press the + and - symbols simultaneously to change the temperature indicator from Celsius to Fahrenheit Divide your hair into sections Beginning at the nape of your neck, clamp a small section of your hair between the heating plates and pass the iron through the length of your hair Repeat on all sections.

  • Modern digital touch screen interface for smooth maneuvering
  • Enhanced temperature conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Large titanium plates – 4 inches by 1.7 inches for a frizz-free finish
  • Perfect to cater to all your hair styling needs

Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron

Digital Touch

The Easy Control Flat Iron features smart technology with an innovative digital touch screen.

Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron

Larger Plates for Better Results

The titanium tourmaline-diamond infused plates for silky, smooth and frizz free hair

Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron


Features sleep mode and auto-shut off. Is also ideal for use when traveling.

Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron
Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron


The One Control features 12cm x 6.15cm titanium plates that evenly distribute heat across hair strands and lock in moisture. The flat iron is also extremely easy to use. Equipped with a one-touch button to toggle through the available settings and intelligent temperature control to protect the hair from heat damage, the One Control is an advanced hair styling tool.
When choosing a flat iron, consider 1. Hair Type 2. Hair Length 3.. Lifestyle Choices 4. Portability Needs 5. Multi functionality Features
An advanced flat iron has many benefits when compared to a conventional flat iron. A few of them are 1. Better technology to enable effortless styling 2. Better safety measures (Auto-off ) 3. Even heat distribution 4. Usage of advanced plates to reduce hair damage
The Ion Pro is a state-of-the-art blowdryer that uses ionic technology and infra-red technology to create the perfect blow out while preventing heat damage to the hair. The Ion Pro uses a reliable, high-quality AC motor for strong airflow that enables better styling. It also features a cool shot function to make for the ideal blowdryer.
Titanium plates are highly effective, as they possess the ability to distribute heat uniformly and consistently while locking in moisture in each strand. Titanium plates are extremely safe and in-effect make hair less prone to heat damage. Additionally, Titanium plates are great for all hair types, making it the ideal choice.

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