Leave-In Hair Spray

This lightweight conditioning spray repairs and detangles hair, leaving it soft, luminous, and healthy.

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Important Detail

Use after Shampoo and Conditioner. Spray onto damp hair and style.

Natural Grain Extracts: Strengthen hair from within to shield against damage. 
Natural Seed Oils: Deliver a boost of hydration, leaving hair soft and nourished. 

  • Detangles hair
  • Delivers hydration
  • Protects and maintains hair treatments

Leave-In Hair Spray

Tangle-Free styling

Tackles and tames hard to manage hair

Leave-In Hair Spray

Boosts Hydration

Natural Seed Oils hydrate dry, damaged hair in a pinch

Leave-In Hair Spray

Prevent breakage

Juvexin’s protein blend bonds to hair and strengthens from the inside out

Leave-In Hair Spray
Leave-In Hair Spray


Yes, there is: ThermalStyleHer can be applied prior to using any heat-tool (blow dry, flat iron, and curling iron) It is a heat-activated product that prevents hair damage.
GK Hair Leave-In Spray/Cream can be used to protect the hair from environmental impurities, chlorinated water, salinated water, and sweat. It also provides a layer of moisturization.
GK Hair Leave-in Bombshell Cream is perfect for blond styling and toning. Leave-in Cream is a rich moisturizing styling cream to soften and nourish hair while toning.
VolumizeHer is the answer: it adds volume to the hair without actually weighing it down.
GK Hair CurlsDefineHer enhances the curls while softening the hair and bringing out the bounce.

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